Student or professional in the beauty industry – the FLOY invoicing service is just right for you. The invoicing service of FLOY light entrepreneur is perfect for professionals in the beauty industry, whether you are a hairdresser, nail technician, beautician or make-up artist.

With FLOY, you can work at a rental chair location, as a contract entrepreneur or as a small business owner. You get to focus on what you love, without worrying about paperwork. You can deduct the materials and supplies needed for your work as expense reimbursements or income acquisition expenses. You can fully focus on customer work and leave the bureaucracy to us.

Light entrepreneurship is an excellent option, whether your job is of a gig nature or permanent. At FLOY, we also make sure that you are insured.

You, too, are a FLOY light entrepreneur.

There have traditionally been a lot of trade name entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, but light entrepreneurship is a less risky option.

If you are interested in light entrepreneurship, fill in your contact information to register. You will soon be able to send your first invoice!