Cleaning professionals

A light entrepreneur in the cleaning industry – using the FLOY invoicing service, invoicing your work is easy and effortless.Booked a cleaning gig? You do cleaning gigs either randomly or by agreement several times for the same customer. FLOY’s small business invoicing service is perfect for professionals in the cleaning industry, because invoicing is easy and fast. You don’t have to worry about paperwork or the bureaucracy associated with entrepreneurship.

As a FLOY light entrepreneur, you always work properly insured. You can decide the pricing of your skills yourself and you can decide how much work you want to do. Do you want to focus on home cleaning, office cleaning or renovation or final cleaning? You decide, and you market your own expertise to the target group you want. All materials and supplies you use for cleaning can be deducted as expense reimbursements or income acquisition costs. You can also apply for travel allowances for possible work trips. Household deduction for the client up to 60Your home cleaning customers will receive a significant tax advantage in 2022-2023. Since Home cleaning is counted as household, care and nursing work, its tax deduction is currently 60%. In addition, the maximum household deduction in this sector was increased to 3,500 euros per person. These tax incentives increase the demand for home cleaning services Want to be a FLOY light entrepreneur? Do you also want to create cleanliness and beauty around you?

As a FLOY light entrepreneur, you can fully focus on implementing your first-class service and customer acquisition. You only bill for the gigs you do – we take care of the rest.