Graphic designers

Graphic designer – with the FLOY invoicing service, you can focus on your creative work and invoicing effortlessly. Whether you are a student or an expert in the field, you can invoice for your graphic design work as a light entrepreneur, without the pressure of paperwork for your own company. Focus on what you enjoy, let us do the rest!A professional in the graphic industry can invoice as a light entrepreneur for various creative projects, or for example just one-off brand looks. As a FLOY light entrepreneur, you can easily do graphic design also as a side job, in addition to your main job.

Self-employment in the creative field is rapidly becoming more common in the world, and we at FLOY like it for its many advantages. When you operate as a light entrepreneur, you have advantages, such as the right to decide your clients, the pricing of your work, your working methods and working hours. These benefits create an opportunity to try more freely, and there will surely be time for other important things as well

Start as a FLOY light entrepreneur Try light entrepreneurship with a low threshold. Start by registering for free, and soon you’ll easily invoice for your creative work!