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FLOY is an invoicing service platform, founded in 2016, for freelancers and self-employed professionals. Joining is free, quick and easy. It will only take couple of minutes to fill out contact information and then your are ready to start as a light entrepreneur at FLOY. 4 

The story behind our company’s name is original. FLOY’s name was supposed to be Freelancelaskutus Oy, but the National Board of Patients and Registration did not approve the original name and the name had to be changed. So, we decided to use the first letters of the original name and we became FLOY. 

FLOYn arvoihin kuuluu vastuullisuus ja asioiden oikein hoitaminen, pidämme huolta asiakkaistamme ja pyrimme aina parhaaseen mahdolliseen asiakaspalveluun. Emme kilpaile hinnalla, vaan sillä, että pystyt huoletta toimimaan kevytyrittäjänä kauttamme ja tiedät olevasi aina vakuutettu meidän kautta toimiessasi. Meidät saa helposti kiinni ja reagoimme nopeasti mikäli tarvitset meidän apuamme.

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Three Steps to Light Entrepreneurship

How do I start as a light entrepreneur?

Through Floy, you can become a light entrepreneur in a few minutes. 


Sign up

Registration is free and there is no obligation. You get the user IDs for the invoicing service and you can start billing for your work. 


Create an invoice

Do the work and send the invoice to your customer. You don’t need a trade name or social security number, and you can forget about accounting and financial statements 


Get paid

The FLOY invoicing service takes care of all legal notification and payment obligations and settles the net payment of the invoice to your account. When working with FLOY, you always have your insurance in order. 

Kokeile kevytyrittäjyyttä helposti ja vaivattomasti!

Are you a student or a professional in a certain field?

See FLOY’s theme pages for different industries under ’Industries’. There you can find for example theme pages for content producers, beauticians, designers, industrial maintenance and graphic design. 

Kokeile kevytyrittäjyyttä helposti ja vaivattomasti!

Light Entrepreneurship vs. Trade Name

Light entrepreneurship
Trade Name
Establishment Costs
60€ / 110€
Requires an Y-ID
Requires Financial Statement
Are there any expenses, if there is no activity?
Requires accounting statement
FLOY takes care of it
Is more suitable for:
Selling services
Selling products and services
Suitable for licensed industries?
VAT declaration
FLOY takes care of it
Can loss occur?
the loss of previous years can be deducted from taxation.
Is quitting easy?
Requires notifications


Do the math, how much you would make with Floy’s indicative salary calculator, you can see an indicative result of your possible earnings. 

In addition to your tax rate, your net salary is affected by FLOY service fees, health insurance premium. Also pay attention to your YEL payment. 

Payroll calculator

After expenses, you will be left with:

FLOY kevytyrittäjyys päihittää paperityöt, teet vain työsi ja me hoidamme loput!

Employer- Light entrepreneurship is an alternative to hiring

There is not always a need for an employment relationship, especially when it comes to one-off work performance. When a skilled worker is available for the job, it can be smart to use an invoicing service to pay the bill. As a client, all you have to do is pay the invoice for the agreed work. That’s all.

The contractor performs the work according to the contract and invoices through the FLOY invoicing service. FLOY takes care of all the paperwork; insurance for the employee (including liability insurance), taxes, SAVA payments, and pay a fee for the work.

Light entrepreneurship makes doing work more flexible. No one’s time and energy is wasted on running unnecessary bureaucracy. The work will be done, the taxes will be paid. At FLOY, we make sure that everything is smooth and in accordance with the law.

We have a growing group of professionals in their respective fields. In which field do you need a light entrepreneur? 

FLOY kevytyrittäjyys päihittää paperityöt, teet vain työsi ja me hoidamme loput!