Property maintenance

Property maintenance – FLOY invoicing service allows you to focus on your work and handle invoicing easily. Lawn mowing, snow work, sandblasting, small repairs, taking care of building technology, informing residents, door opening service… Property maintenance includes a wide range of different tasks. What if you could focus completely on doing the work, without the stress of your own company’s paperwork?

We protect you with comprehensive liability and accident insurance. In addition, we take care of all matters related to entrepreneurship – all you have to do is perform the work yourself and invoicing. You can decide the pricing yourself, as well as how much work you want to do.

As a FLOY light entrepreneur, you can just as easily invoice gig-type jobs as regular jobs. You can apply for travel allowances for possible work trips. FLOY light entrepreneurs form a network through which it is possible to get additional labor if needed, for example for seasonal rush peaks.

Become a FLOY light entrepreneur in the blink of an eye.

Join the growing group of light entrepreneurs! Registration is free and you only need to fill in your contact information. When the gig starts, you can easily create the first bill.